Friday, December 20, 2013

DCVB's Bizzell Makes the Cover

A lot goes into the decision of where a group will hold their annual meeting or convention. When a site is picked you can be sure that someone from that community worked hard behind the scenes to make it happen.

Credit: MPI and The Meeting Professional
Fortunately for Durham, a very experienced professional is at the helm of that process, and he continues to garner attention for his sales skill and success.  In fact, the cover of the December 2013 issue of The Meeting Professional magazine bears a sharply-dressed man; none other than Corey D. Bizzell, the Vice President of Group Sales & Business Development for DCVB.

In a statement, Bizzell addresses the role he plays in creating demand for Durham’s economy, and the role Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has played for him. "I am humbled by this exposure. My 10 years in MPI have afforded opportunities for education, career building, and networking that have been instrumental in my career success thus far. Sharing some of what I have learned in the article on essential job skills by an organization that has helped me evolve as a professional was truly a 360 degree experience. I use these skills to bring people to Durham for business, and I know they come back for leisure visits, too," Bizzell said.

The Meeting Professional, an international publication with a readership of 75,000 recognizes Bizzell’s efforts in helping Durham become the celebrated place it is today. The cover story features tips from Bizzell on the essential skills necessary to thrive in the meeting and convention industry, as well as insights on what drives success in that field. Bizzell will continue to use those skills for Durham’s benefit, filling hotel rooms and meeting space all over Durham.

Learn more about bringing group meetings and conventions to Durham online.

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