Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week at the South Durham Farmer's Market

This  Week at the Market
  • Saturday 9am-Noon Greenwood Commons 54110 Hwy 55 Durham, NC 27713
  • In Season: kale, tomatoes, potatoes, yams, lettuce, chard, and eggs
But Where are the Spring Vegetables?
We have officially entered into spring! And, the weather is finally matching our expectations for late March in North Carolina; however, it’s going to take a little time for all the fruits and vegetables to catch up after this year’s winter.

Over the past two months, the farmers have weathered one big snow storm and two very destructive ice storms. The snow storm collapsed high tunnels and killed off the hardier greens lingering in the fields. The heavy coatings of ice that skipped much of southern Durham knocked out power in Rougemont and Efland for days, brought down fences, and dropped trees on houses, roads and fields.

Farmers with greenhouses and non-collapsed high tunnels have fared better, but many of their crops are behind schedule, too. Plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis and grow into something tasty to eat, and it has been unusually overcast this winter. Only three days in February were deemed ‘fair’ by the National Weather Service.

The good news is that we are headed into a beautiful weekend, and we will have several great produce vendors joining us at the market this Saturday with tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, kale and flowers. (But, come early because quantities are still limited!) And before long, we will have tables full of green onions, peas, radishes, asparagus and all the other rewards of spring.

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