Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Praise for Durham's Bull City Burger and Brewery

Authentic. That word carries a lot of weight in Durham, and those that exemplify it get a lot of community support. Seth Gross, and his first restaurant, Bull City Burger and Brewery are featured in an article in the national magazine Quick Service Review that celebrates places like BCBB that focus on quality, and not quantity, and it is through quality that Gross and his team demonstrate authenticity.

Not only does Gross source nearly everything within a tight radius, but the restaurant makes just about everything in house from scratch. Gross, a trained chef and experienced brewer, also makes all the beer they sell in house, too.

The article highlights some of the nation's most revered independent eateries that fall into the quick service concept. These are not fine dining establishments, and BCBB does not offer table service - patrons order at a counter or at the bar - but it is fine eating and drinking.

Read the article here, and about all of Durham's restaurants that have earned high praise like this here.  As always, planning a trip to Durham is easy online.

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