Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Overdue Update

There are many stories unfolding in Durham every day from which readers can draw inspiration, perspective, courage and knowledge.  This post is from a blog written by a family dealing with cancer - and it's powerful...and it's perfect in light of tomorrow's festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving, really.

An Overdue Update
This Machine Kills Cancer
Shayne Miel

It’s been three weeks since I got home from the hospital, which means I am a lazy blogger. The first week and a half, everything I did felt like climbing a mountain. I found myself having to rest in between each action. Between putting on my underwear and putting on my pants, I’d have to sit in a chair and chant “you can do this” over and over to myself. I was still throwing up a lot and I slept 16 hours a day. But I wasn’t in the hospital. That’s important.

I slowly started dragging my ass out of the house - to the coffeeshop, to my in-laws house, to the top of a parking deck where my friend Heather was shooting a music video for her band Mt. Moriah (look for me and Rebekah when it comes out - I ride by on a skateboard and Rebekah dances around in a fantastic tutu). I realized that, no matter how bad it felt, I had to start getting off the couch and living life again. If I waited to feel better, I wouldn’t know when to begin. So I didn’t wait. I went out and saw the world. Besides, I felt like crap all year and lived through it, what was a few more weeks?

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