Friday, July 15, 2011

Triangle Regional Film Commission Accesses Reel-Scout's Reel-Crew System

Durham has a long history with the movies - it goes back decades.  The most popular sports movie of all-time, Bull Durham, was filmed here, and still today Durham is the backdrop for feature films and commercials.  One of Hollywood's best-known producers, Thom Mount, is a Durham native.

Consequently, Durham and the surrounding communities have a proper film office run by the Triangle Regional Film Commission, TRFC, which works with the film industry to encourage production in this area.

To make the area more accessible to outside production crews unfamiliar with locations, TRFC uses an industry standard database called Reel Scout, which makes site selection much easier.  A special service of this database is the Reel-Crew system.  The Reel-Crew system catalogs crew, support services, and talent in the Triangle Region all viewable through the TRFC search website and through the NC Film Office website for statewide and nationwide coverage. 

Any entries made through the NC Film Office Reel-Crew platform relating to the Triangle will automatically be placed within the regional database users only need to register one time here.  Reel-Crew allows users to add up to three website links, upload a resume and list affiliations, as well as elect work status and see available positions.

Once a user's Reel-Crew registration has been completed and approved by the Triangle Regional Film Commission, their profile will be active and viewable to the public.  At any time, users can log to update their account.  Questions about the new platform should be directed here.

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