Friday, August 19, 2011

Your Way Is The Right Way

All too often consumers are forced to have things the way marketers want them to be.  Despite claims and even some efforts to the contrary, meaningful personalization and customization are fairly hard to come by. 

Not so on the new official website for Durham, NC’s destination marketing.  “Truly customizable itineraries was one of the hurdles we knew we needed to get over on behalf of our visitors,” said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau

The feature is remarkably easy to use.  From any of the pages containing additional details on the site, at the upper right is an “Add to My Trip Planner” button that users can click.  Doing so places the item onto their itinerary which can then be delivered electronically or printed.

“Visitors are so much more savvy than they used to be – especially with the amount of information available online,” said DCVB’s Director of Visitor Services, Carolyn Carney.  “Now when we are interacting with people looking for information, we can either provide for them, or instruct them how to put together exactly the information they want and need.  It’s a great enhancement.”

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