Monday, February 27, 2012

Durham Distributor Adds More Craft Beer

Craft beer is a big deal in Durham.  A really big deal.  With two breweries opened in as many years bringing the total to three in town, and rumors of more on the way, Durhamites love all things made with integrity.  Craft brewers rely an awful lot on integrity, so the marriage between the two (Durham and beer) is likely to be blissful for years to come.  Even one of the leading publications on the subject is produced right here in Durham: few lovers of beer don't know about All About Beer magazine.

Now Durham distributor Harris, Inc is even more serious than ever about distributing craft beers.  Says Jay Harris, President and Head Coach of Harris, "Aviator Brewing Co. is an outstanding compliment to our local craft beer portfolio, offering styles that retailers and beer lovers are truly pining for in the Triangle market."

True, Aviator isn't a Durham brand, but is locally made just down the road in a neighboring community.  If rising tides lift all boats then having their product be as celebrated as it is and sold here in the place where great things happen can only be good for all beer lovers and brewers. Right?  As it is, Harris distributes Durham-made Triangle Brewing Company beers.

Harris, Inc. recently modified their Durham facility to handle the growing thirst for local and craft beer.  The company employs 60 people in Durham and has annual sales of $30 million.

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