Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Carolina Pork Experiment Comes to Durham

There are some self evident truths and unalienable rights in this country, just read the Declaration of Independence.  There are a few more here in Durham that weren't covered by the Declaration, too. First, Durham and great food are synonymous - ask anyone who knows anything about food. Second, pork is delicious - period. Third, people in Durham have the right to eat delicious pork - absolutely. So then the upcoming Carolina Pork Experiment in Durham is really just a logical extension of the rights of any American, right?


On the heels of a successful 5-city tour in 2011, The Food Experiments, is rolling in to Durham as part of its 16-city National Tour sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. The fourth stop on the tour is The Carolina Pork Experiment on April 15, 2012 at Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC from noon - 3pm.

Since its inception, the Food Experiments has consistently sold out events - Durham should be no exception. The Experiment will have around 25 local amateur chefs who have prepared a unique creation incorporating the food theme: pork. Samples will be served to the 350 food enthusiasts in attendance as well as culinary superstar judges. This year’s Pork Experiment’s judges consist of a high profile line-up including Johanna Kramer the DurhamFoodie, Chef Walter Royal of The Angus Barn Steakhouse in Raleigh, and DJ Kitty Kinnin, host of many food-centric radio shows on 100.7 The River.

Winners compete for prizes fit for a chef: bakeware, cookware, knives, cash and that which cannot be purchased: culinary glory!  Everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to choose which “cheftestant” will gain bragging rights. That is, until the National Championship on December 16. The winner from each city’s Experiment will be flown to Brooklyn courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery to compete with the best of the best to become The Food Experiments’ 2012 reigning champion. It'd be nice for that title to come back to Durham, no?

Those interested in competing can sign up here, and those interested in attending can buy tickets here.  A pair of tickets to the event are being given away on Durham's official Facebook page.  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday.  Visit the page to learn more.

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