Friday, April 27, 2012


"Depiction" is the second interactive installation by Parasol B to be selected by the Durham Storefront Project (DSP) in downtown Durham.

Formation 1 - by Parasol B
Organizers of the Spring Durham Storefront Project wanted to incorporate more performance elements into the installations. Parasol B interprets this in a way that makes the viewer the performer.

Starting at Scratch Bakery (111 Orange St.), viewers with smartphones can scan the painting (colorful and textural upon close inspection but still scannable), of a QR code that will show them a map of sites where they are directed to go and take photos, according to specific instructions. They can then submit their photos to a collection on the Parasol B website.

Thus, the viewers are the performers and the content beyond the initial painting is crowd-sourced/community-created.

QR codes are posted at each photo site for the functional purpose of submitting photos from the site as well as for marking the site for participants and curious passersby.
Viewers are encouraged to visit as many photo sites as possible and in the process, discover some visually interesting nooks and crannies of downtown Durham that may typically go unnoticed.

Parasol B states: “My current work strives to push traditional paint-on-canvas to become interactive and experiential beyond just using one’s eyes. New technologies, like QR code-reading smartphone apps, give me an opportunity to relate old and new mediums/media in an interesting well as to amuse myself.”

The installation will be active 24/7 Thursday, April 12, through May 20, 2012, encompassing both the Full Frame Documentary Festival and the Durham Arts Council Spring Art Walk.

To make the most of the experience, bring your smartphone and a friend.

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