Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Scene Sounding Better in Durham, NC

Durham, NC is rapidly emerging as a hotbed of independent music.  With several venues open just in the last couple of years, there are many choices for acts of all kinds to show off in front of their fans.  But performance venues are only part of the picture.

With the addition of a a great support ecosystem, a place like Durham becomes a destination to not only perform, but to get instruments and to record, too.  With an announcement from SoundPure, Durham just took a huge leap forward toward that ecosystem being a reality.

SoundPure, an Independent, Durham-based professional audio business, recently announced the expansion of its guitar and drum retail storefront. “When we acquired Indoor Storm and all of their fantastic staff last year out of Raleigh, this meant one less music store for the Triangle.  We knew that a local retail operation would be in our future, so we purchased the building next door to our existing facility and started building this gorgeous guitar and drum space,” said Todd Atlas, president of Sound Pure.  “There's such a vibrant music community in the Triangle, and the only full service alternatives to musicians are big-box, international chain stores.  Unlike the big box stores, SoundPure represents products made by smaller, independent luthiers and artisans, which means better quality, and better value to our customers.”

In 1997, Todd Atlas started Sound Pure out of a dorm room at Duke University. Sound Pure has since developed an international reputation in the music equipment industry by representing boutique, small-production, and highly sought-after artisan brands of guitars, drums and audio equipment. The company has primarily served its market online, however, the retail expansion will allow SoundPure to better serve the Triangle’s music community. Sound Pure's retail location will be the newest addition to Durham’s the thriving Central Park District.  “Despite this economy, we believe in the neighborhood, we believe in the Triangle, and we believe musicians need a better place to shop locally,” said Atlas.

With the highest percentage of creative class jobs in the US, Durham is a place where the arts are held in exceptionally high regard. SoundPure is yet another business to help deliver on that promise.

Learn more about Durham and all it's creative outlets online.

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