Monday, August 5, 2013

Bull City BUCK$ Celebrates First Two 15,000 Point Redemptions

Two enthusiastic Durham explorers have won the grand prize for experiencing Durham to its fullest.

Bull City BUCK$, Durham's loyalty program, recently announced its first two BUCK$TERS who reached the 15,000 buck mark. Participants who use the app can redeemed that quantity of BUCK$ for an iPad - and two have now reached that milestone.

Mayor William V. "Bill" Bell, Wool E. Bull and Jamie Young (General Manager of University Ford & Kia) were all on hand to congratulate David Singleton and Rodney Derrick for being the first to reach the iPad threshold.

About the Winners David Singleton was the first BUCK$TER to amass 15,000 BUCK$. He works on the American Tobacco Campus. Rodney Derrick has participated in Bull City BUCK$ since the inception of the program  in February, 2012. He lives downtown and had to take a 5 month hiatus from the program to purchase an iPhone so he could continue participating.

About Bull City Buck$
Bull City BUCK$ is Durham's loyalty rewards program. It gives incentives for being a patron at Durham's local shops and restaurants. BUCK$TERS use mobile phones to scan QR codes that have been strategically located when shopping or eating. The more BUCK$TERS scan, the more BUCK$ they earn, and the more rewards that can be redeemed.

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