Friday, November 15, 2013

This Week at the South Durham Farmers' Market

This Week at the Market

  • Open Saturday 8am-Noon at Greenwood Commons 5410 Hwy 55
  • Education by Bull City Homebrew
  • In Season: cabbage, butternut squash, turnips, broccoli, rainbow chard, kale, yams, peppers and more!

The Perfect Meal Begins at SDFM
Our favorite time of year is coming up fast!  That time when elastic waistbands become de rigueur and leftovers are the newest culinary art form. And, we bet y'all are as excited as we are to share your local pride with family and friends. Below, we have listed our essential Thanksgiving ingredients, but don't feel like you have to wait until the big day to start enjoying these local treats.

Green Button Farm and Fickle Creek Farm are still taking orders for their pasture-raised heritage turkeys; these birds are prized for their intense flavor!  While you are at market, grab pork sausages from Walters Unlimited for cornbread and sausage stuffing or give guests options with roasts from Bull City Farms.

Be they in Aunt Louise's famous cranberry casserole, deviled, or in pecan pie, eggs are the workhorses of a great family meal. Shorter, cooler days mean fewer eggs at market, so be sure to either arrive early on Saturday or reserve them for pickup at Tuesday’s Thanksgiving Market.

Special Market Date!

Collards and Greens
This is the perfect time of year to show your family that it IS easy being green. Cool nights have made our leafy vegetables tender and sweet. Many of our farmers have tables laden high with heaps of greens; Bushy Tail Farm and Dig It Farm have especially lovely mixes available right now.

At Thanksgiving, you can get away with multiple starchy veggies for both the main course and dessert. Luckily, SDFM has potatoes in just about every color (white, pink, blue, and sweet orange) ready to mash, roast, scallop, candy, bake or fry.

Are you the person the family culinary gene skipped, but you still want to bring something fancy to the party? Prodigal Farm and Hillsborough Cheese Company have you covered with their wide selection of specialty cheeses, which are just the thing for creating a delicious cheese board. Add some thinly sliced and toasted local wheat bread from Ninth Street Bakery and bon app├ętit!

Fall brings crispy, spicy lettuces to balance the rich foods we crave when the weather is cool. We love Open Door Farm's lettuce with a simple Dijon vinaigrette and sliced green apples.

Mommo's Sweet Potato Pie, people. Regular, low sugar, and gluten-free. Last year, Mika sold out in half an hour. This year she's bringing reinforcements, but it is best to reserve yours now. You've been warned.

Shopping Tip!   Don't wait for the Thanksgiving Market to gobble up all your goodies! Many ingredients will stay fresh if you buy them at market the Saturday before.

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