Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Google Fiber Redux?

With a rising stake as a destination for entrepreneurs, as well as continually being heralded as great place to live and visit, Durham is again catching the eye of internet search giant Google.

Durham vied hard to get the company to bring its gigabit fiber optic network to Durham back in 2011.  The project drew national attention for its efforts.  Now, Google is looking at 34 communities to next bring their service to, and Durham is on the list along with some neighboring communities. 

In 2010 more than 1,000 people showed up at
the Durham Bulls Athletic Park to show their
support for Google to bring its Gigabit Fiber
Optic Internet Service to Durham.
The service fees are competitive, and the service speeds exceed what is currently offered. Among several options currently offered in Kansas City is one gigabit per second download speed for $70 per month.  

While no public influence project like the one launched in 2011 has been announced, Durham fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #DurhamWantsGoogle in social media posts to demonstrate their interest in the possibility of the company bringing its project here.

"Public sentiment ran very high during that project," according to Sam Poley, Director of Public Relations and Communications for the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, and who helped spearhead Durham's efforts in  2010. "Durham is a prime spot for this project, it aligns with Google's goals of innovation and collaboration, and it's already on the company's radar for investing here," Poley added referring to the fact that the American Underground in Durham is one of seven Google Tech Hubs in the US.

So, will Durham catch Google this time?  Who knows, but show support with #DurhamWantsGoogle.

Google, are you listening?

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