Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hugh Mangum's Work Again Putting Durham in Focus

In Durham, on the grounds of the West Point on the Eno park, stands a simple building that houses the Hugh Mangum Museum of Photography. Originally, it was Mangum's dark room, and now it has renewed importance as the interest in Mangum's work rises again thanks to the work of Sarah Stacke.

Stacke, a graduate of Duke University, is now a documentary photographer, and is a driving force behind an exhibit that has already been on display at the History Hub at the Museum of Durham History, and will return to the museum soon. She is working on identifying the subjects of Mangum's work, a catalog of images taken in North Carolina and Virginia around the turn of the last century, and the subjects of whom are unidentified. Remarkable about Mangum's work is that he photographed subjects both black and white in the same style, often seating one after the other in his photo sessions.

Stacke's work caught the eye of CBS News, and they covered her work on their broadcast last night. That story can be seen here, and the exhibit will return to the History Hub from December 2 to January 31. Keep up with the details of this, and other happenings here, with the Durham Event Calendar.

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