Friday, November 7, 2014

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

The Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) is offering visitor-related businesses a variety of new ways to engage potential visitors through a complete overhaul of its primary visitor website, and its partner portal, (MDI). MDI is the place where Durham businesses can interact, update, and modify their listings on and in DCVB’s award-winning publications. These are crucial tools DCVB uses to reach millions of visitors to Durham each year while they’re making important decisions about where to stay, each, shop, and what to do while here.

Durham’s visitor-related businesses received login information for last week, and are being strongly encouraged to login now, in advance of the launch of the new visitor-facing website in mid-November. 

In addition to a face lift, has a bevy of new features. The biggest is the capacity to upload images and video that will appear with business’s listings on the visitor site.  
“Taking a photo, and uploading it to MDI, takes seconds – and people consume them as quickly. From a marketing perspective, they are a remarkably efficient communication tool which is why we emphasized their use on our new website,” said Sam Poley, DCVB’s head of Public Relations. 
DCVB’s website had more than 1.2 million visitors last year, generating more than 2.4 million page views. Over 70% of those were first time users, and the overwhelming majority of those visitors were from outside of Durham.

Along with the new capacity to add images, MDI now empowers Durham businesses to not only ensure that their information is up-to-date and accurate, but also to target their marketing message as much as possible through the use of hundreds of amenity codes. These codes ensure that relevant businesses are displayed when visitors use the robust search features on “We hope that people understand the power of this tool, and that they use it,” Poley added. 

MDI also offers a more efficient way for DCVB to distribute leads to local hotels and services for groups, and in the coming weeks, will be rolling out even more tools to streamline communication between DCVB and its community stakeholders.

DCVB expects to re-launch in the next couple of weeks alongside a new visitor marketing campaign, so businesses should act fast to ensure their listings are updated before the new visitor-facing site goes live. Those logging in to MDI for the first time will need to set up their account, but doing so is a brief process. For more information or for questions about logging into, please email

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