Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smarty Pants

Durham is sitting pretty as the fourth smartest "city" in the United States in a ranking by released this morning.  It's a nice feather in Durham's cap, for sure, and those who live and work here should well be proud. 

Basically, it says that Durham is full of smart people. 

The ranking is fully described in the attached article, and it should be noted that the study from which it was generated, like so many others, is not just of a single city.  The study looked at Metropolitan Statistical Areas, so Durham's ranking included data from the four counties that make up the Durham, NC MSA - Chatham, Durham, Orange and Person.

The study uses educational achievement (and the resulting earning power) to determine rankings.  Take a look at a slide show of the winners here.

Durham is regularly lauded as a great place to live, was recently ranked by Money Magazine as the number one place in the US to retire, and is home to a dizzying array of cultural, medical, educational and business assets that make it the place where great things happen.

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