Thursday, January 13, 2011

Co Op Advertising Opportunities

The Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official marketing agency for Durham, and as such is charged with getting Durham on the list of consideration for leisure and business visitors alike. With the economy as it has been, marketing dollars for DCVB and private sector businesses have been scarce, so every dollar spent needed to be a home run, so to speak. 

Creativity is a strong brand value in Durham, entrepreneurial is another. To that end, DCVB is moving forward by looking backward to a program it employed years ago: cooperative advertising where multiple stakeholders purchase small portions of advertising space.   This type of advertising allows those with limited budgets to advertise in publications they might not otherwise be able to afford to do so. Think of it in the same vein as membership clubs where a club buys in bulk and then sells portions to members at a discount.

These opportunities will take form beyond print and move into some creative online options, too, including some location-based gaming options that are costly to initiate but will be economical to buy into.

Stakeholders with an interest in knowing more can email Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications.

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