Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bennett Place Explores 'Carolina Culture' of 1800s As Part Of Free 2nd Saturdays Program On June 11

The largest troop surrender, and the effective end of the Civil War took place in Durham at Bennett Place.  The site is the focus of much interest as the commemoration of 150th anniversary of the Civil war is underway, and Durham's three state historic sites are involved in various ways. 

The joy of raising and cooking food, making clothing and candles, and the artistry of homemade quilts will be shared at Bennett Place State Historic Site at the “Carolina Culture” program, a free 2nd Saturdays presentation on June 11. Other 2nd Saturdays dates are July 9 and Aug. 13.

Enjoy demonstrations of 19th-century gardening, cooking and quilting, in the style much as yeomen farmers James and Nancy Bennett would have done. Visitors will learn about soaking and “carding” to clean wool, in preparation for making clothes for the family.  Visitors also can participate in boiling wax and dipping candles. The strains of Appalachian folk music by Mark and Julee Weems will add to the day’s fun.

The farm of James and Nancy Bennitt (or Bennett) was the site of the largest troop surrender of   the Civil War on April 26, 1865. Bennett Place State Historic Site interprets the lives of the Bennett Family and Civil War era soldiers. It is located at 4409 Bennett Memorial Road in Durham, N.C.

Bennett Place is within the Division of State Historic Sites in the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, the state agency with the mission to enrich lives and communities, and the vision to harness the state’s cultural resources to build North Carolina’s social, cultural and economic future. Information on Cultural Resources is available on their site.

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