Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Opportunities to Tour Durham Abound

As Durham continues to grow as a visitor’s destination so has the demand for an insider’s view of the place where great things happen. Fortunately, the response to this growing demand has been overwhelming. The tours available are nearly as diverse as Durham itself, and tour topics include food, beer, nature and history.  Below is a list of operators offering a closer look at the wide array of Durham's diverse cultural offerings.

Heritage Tours - These tours highlight the city's downtown architecture and explore the historical significance of Durham, NC as a tobacco town and a civil rights center.

Durham Features Tour - Durham County has 58 locations on the National Register of Historic Places, from the Durham Athletic Park to Duke Chapel and three Civil War-era sites, the following tours go beyond downtown.

Walking Food Tours - Bon Appetit named Durham one of "America's Foodiest Small Towns," these tours capture the flavor of the culinary scene by highlighting Durham's celebrated restaurants and local favorites.

Nature Tour - Durham's outdoor offerings are easily explored on a scenic guided tour.

Brewery Tour - With the addition of two new breweries in the past year, Durham is fast emerging as a destination on the brewpub map.

Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau and Downtown Durham, Inc also co-produce the Downtown Durham Guide & Walking Tour. The 2011 version is hot off the presses....

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