Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Correcting Conan...Only the Proud Dare Do So

Durham has a cadre of caring folks who are passionate about their community.  In fact, for every resident who is negative about Durham there are 17 others who are positive or very positive about their city (Most places have about a one-to-one positive-to-negative pride ratio with a lot being ambivalent). 

In 2007, DCVB harnessed the energy of some of these folks, gave them their own identity (Durham ImageWatchers), and put them to work helping to identify, address, and reverse misperceptions about Durham. 

Although DeaconGuy08, seen in this video of the Conan O’Brian show, isn’t on the ImageWatcher roster, DCVB is making him honorary chairman for the day.

Sign up to be an ImageWatcher here. Participants get weekly emails about all the great things happening in Durham and are called on occasionally to assist DCVB in protecting Durham’s identity and brand.  

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