Thursday, March 1, 2012

Game On at Bull City Burger and Brewery

Talk with Seth Gross, proprietor of Bull City Burger and Brewery (BCBB) and you'll realize he is, to quote Yogi, "smarter than your average bear."  He's college educated with a bachelors degree in biological science, a classically-trained chef, a certified Sommelier and voracious consumer of knowledge who loves to share what he knows.

He's also game...who can talk a good line of bull.  Read on - it makes sense.

A common modern definition of the word game is: one who is willing to try something new.  Enter the aforementioned Mr. Gross.  In this gaming month of March (ya know, with its Madness and whatnot) he brings his customers on a culinary journey to strange and exotic places.  Lucky for them, the trip is far less than the price of a plane ticket to South America or Australia.

In celebration of their first anniversary, the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and for the most daring of eaters, BCBB is having some fun creating burgers from exotic meats commonly enjoyed in other cultures.  In each case they will be showcasing the meat and pairing it with complementary spices and flavors.  Nearly all of these meats have been sourced from the US (nope, not the Kangaroo) from reputable and humane suppliers.  So, if alligator, ostrich, iguana, buffalo, venison, antelope, wild boar, and kangaroo tickle your fancy, the hit up BCBB's Facebook and Twitter accounts to see which they are serving.

So, game meats for burgers.  Check.  But where's the bull - any one of the five that will be hidden?

Well, that's a remarkably good question with a not-so-simple answer.  BCBB begins their second annual Golden Bull scavenger hunt on Monday, March 5th. Clues are given on the websiteFacebook and Twitter (the hashtag is #bcbbgoldenbull for all you savvy tweeters out there) for the location of five hidden Golden Bulls. When a bull is found it must be claimed for the prize - free burgers, fries and drinks, one a week, for a year.

The contest is modeled after the one in the movie Willy Wonka where children search for golden tickets. This contest is open to anyone 18 or older. Full details and rules are on the website and can be found by clicking on the golden bull on the BCBB's home page. According to Gross, "The purpose of the contest is not only to promote the restaurant and brewery, but also to promote downtown Durham and like-minded businesses, public places, landmarks and historic markers. No business knows they are hiding a golden bull until it is found. The bull hiders are very tricky people and the clues are challenging."  

Bull City Burger is a restaurant and brewery that embodies the farm-to-fork philosophy. It is one of many in Durham that do.  Click here for more information about dining in Durham, and have fun while game hunting for bull.

Oh, this is just too easy...

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