Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strong Durham Schools

Sometimes its hard to know when you're hearing the honest to goodness truth... or not. Those unfamiliar with a topic may form their opinions based on water cooler talk which may be watered down and mired with negative thinking. As commonplace as these practices are, its easy to get the wrong impression about a whole host of topics... especially schools and communities.

Fortunately for Durham, the organization Strong Durham Schools cuts straight through the rumor mill and provides a forum for interested parties to find honest, transparent, and genuine stories about Durham Public Schools. Strong Durham Schools has brought together passionate parents, teachers, alumni and staff to tell the real stories behind Durham's education system.

Visitors to the site will find testimonials for most Durham elementary, middle and high schools. If a school is not listed it is simply because a resident has not come forward to share their story. Strong Durham Schools encourages submissions of all kinds; if you are interested in sharing your experience with Durham public schools, fill out this online survey or email

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