Friday, June 15, 2012

Durham Arm Wrestlers to Raise Funds for Crisis Center

Durham is never at a loss for great entertainment.  Be it traditional, or not, there's always something interesting to see in the place where great things happen.  Tomorrow night is no different.

The League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD) heeded the recent call from Durham Crisis Response Center (DCRC) for the public to help the non-profit raise $20,000 required to address the most immediate repairs needed for its crumbling facility. DCRC, the only agency in Durham County that works with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, will not make these repairs at a cost to the services they provide to families in crisis.

LUEWWD is a Durham-based group focused on raising funds for local nonprofits serving women and girls via the amazing spectacle of women's arm wrestling. LUEWWD has raised $23,000 since its inception in June 2010.

On June 16th at Fullsteam Brewery starting at 8:30 p.m., LUEWWD will host a fundraising event on behalf of DCRC.  It will be a local live viewing of SuperCLAW, a national ladies’ arm wrestling championship held in Charlottesville, VA. Eight arm wrestling leagues from across the US will be fighting to bring more pride and an equal share of the total funds raised back to their respective beneficiaries. Fierce yet comical, “Ze Dirty Butcher” will be representing Durham. The live-streaming of SuperCLAW begins at 9:00 p.m.

Admission is free. Donations are welcomed through a 50/50 raffle, “Buy a Shingle,” and auction of a SuperCLAW poster to be signed by the national arm wrestler. For a fair price, friends can challenge friends to accept the fate of the Moshi Moshi Stalemate Wheel, with chances to hula-hoop, thumb-wrestle or play full-body rock paper scissors. Attendees will also be able to challenge DCRC board members to a spin of the wheel. In addition, Fullsteam will donate $1 for every pint purchased.

“We were thrilled when LUEWWD offered to raise money for the structural repairs,” said DCRC Board Chair Ingram Hedgpeth. “The June 16th event will provide an opportunity for the Durham community to support an issue that pervades every neighborhood, largely unnoticed and unspoken, until an event like this focuses our communal compassion on families who have experienced domestic violence.”

More details about supporting the local party to cheer on DCRC and “Ze Dirty Butcher” are available at online. Learn more about DCRC and donate at here.

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