Friday, June 29, 2012

Durham’s Drinking Water Continues to Meet High Quality Standards

Durham residents should be on the lookout for the City of Durham’s 2011 Water Quality Report, arriving in their mailboxes beginning this week. 

The report, “Water: A to Z,” details the City’s water quality analytical results from January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011, and shows that Durham’s drinking water was in full compliance with all state and federal drinking water quality standards. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency requires water systems with more than 25 connections to compile an annual report for distribution to customers. 

“We are very pleased to share with our customers the good news about the on-going high quality of the drinking water we provide and other information about the water treatment process and delivery system,” said Don Greeley, director of the City’s Water Management Department. In addition to information mandated by state and federal regulations, the report also contains updates about upgrades and improvements to the City’s water treatment facilities.

Approximately 125,000 copies of “Water: A to Z” have been mailed to local postal customers in an effort to reach all Durham water customers, including those living in multi-family housing that may not receive water bills. Copies of the report will be made available throughout the year to residents and visitors at public facilities, community centers, and during community events. The report is also available online

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