Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Peddling of the Bulls?

Updated - June 17, 2013:
The Peddling Bulls are now hiring.  See their website for more information, or read on:

"Want to do your part to keep the party going in Durham while staying fit, having fun, and making some bread? Look no further, this Wednesday from 12noon to 5pm Peddling Bulls of Durham Bike-Taxi is having an open house at 506 N. Mangum to find energetic and customer service oriented Bike-Taxi drivers to join our Peddler Network to help us peddle and pedal. 
Peddling Bulls is a Durham focused and Durham based Rickshaw cooperative which gives licensed members access to its fleet of traditional pedicabs, trailers, and business system. Already have a bike? Put on a uniform and grab a trailer and get in business! 
If you believe you're capable of riding around folks throughout the Bull City in a safe, efficient, and timely fashion, please RSP by leaving a voice mail for Mike Valentine at (919) 371-8837. Join us in our mission to make Durham more pedestrian friendly. Hope to see you this Wednesday. 

Original Post:
Durham is fast becoming a bike friendly city with a profusion of bike shops, cycling clubs and installed bike racks.  So then the next logical step in the progression is bike cabs, right?


Enter the Peddling Bulls Bike Taxi Service, a new Durham based company endeavoring to make the city more pedestrian-friendly.  Downtown Durham is already celebrated as a foot-traffic friendly place by the website, whereon addresses in that district rank very high.

The Peddling Bulls ownership recognize Durham's commitment to environmentally friendly transit solutions, like the Bull City Connector, and that the growing economy make a perfect venue for the company to provide pedicab services to both residents and guests.

These pedicabs are a convenient transportation option and are looking forward to shuttling fans to and from activities from ball games to performance, and more.  They are also working to offer partnerships with local businesses through promotional, or service-based, opportunities. The company is also pleased to provide new employment opportunities in Durham.

The company was founded out of love for Durham, according to founder Michael Valentine.  He hopes that Peddling Bulls will become yet another attractive aspect of this evolving community.

For more information, find the Peddling Bulls online, on Twitter, or Facebook.


  1. Do you mean to call them the Peddling Bulls? Or did you mean to say pedaling?

  2. We go by the name the business gives us. Thanks for your feedback and for reading. We appreciate it.

  3. From their homepage:

    We've been receiving a lot of questions about our name, so we've decided to add a little explanation behind our reasoning of choosing "peddling," over the more obvious, "pedaling":

    The two words serve as homonyms of one another (same pronunciation, different definition). Like Durham itself, we wish our brand to reflect the diversity we find so appealing here in the city. Peddling Bulls is more than just a fleet of 'pedalers.' It also serves as a promotional platform, a way for local businesses to communicate with one another, an extension of values we see inherent in the Bull City, and another way for the city to unify on the streets, whether that be in downtown or in our historic Tobacco District. When spoken, we think of the more obvious association, the bike rickshaw. When seen, we notice a broader, more varied understanding, another vehicle (no pun intended!) through which the city and its people can express themselves. Come on board!