Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bull City Burger and Brewery Announces Golden Bull Scavenger Hunt and Exotic Meat Month

Free burgers for a year sounds too good to be true, right? Getting to choose between Caribou, Python, and Beaver burgers sounds too cool to be true, right? Not so in Durham, a place with an incredible commitment to food.

Bull City Burger and Brewery begins its third annual Golden Bull scavenger hunt on Friday March 1st. along with its second annual Exotic Meat Month.

Clues to the Golden Bull scavenger hunt will be given on the website, Facebook and Twitter for the location of five hidden Golden Bulls.  When a bull is found it must be claimed for the prize - free burgers, fries and drinks, one a week, for a year. The contest is modeled after the movie Willy Wonka and the golden tickets.  The contest is open to anyone 18 or older.  Full details and rules are on the website and can be found by clicking on the golden bull on the BCBB home page.

The purpose of the contest is not only to promote the restaurant and brewery, but also to promote Downtown Durham and like-minded businesses, public places, landmarks and historic markers.  No business knows they are hiding a golden bull until it is found.  The bull hiders are very tricky people and the clues are challenging.  For those who stay in the hunt the rewards are delicious for a year.  Last year, the contest created a legion of followers even creating its own hash tag on Twitter.  This year, the hash tag is #bcbbgoldenbull.  Last year word spread that office workers became distracted, graduate work labs slowed down and people from all walks of life enjoyed the fun.  This year promises the same and more.

This year's Exotic Meat Month will feature exotic meat burgers all month long.  Going by the motto, “I never met a meat I wouldn't eat,” BCBB is specially sourcing exotic meats for limited burgers each week.  The meats range from Caribou, Python, Elk, Ostrich, Beaver,  Alligator and more.  Throughout the month different types of burger meat will be featured, rotating daily or weekly depending on the scarcity of that meat. Each time a new type of meat burger is available it will be posted on the website and on the Bull City Burger Facebook page.

Cece Lopez, head of all things culinary at BCBB, along with owner Seth Gross, have been working for two months to source exotic meats for this month long celebration.  Some of the meats are so difficult to get, there may be as few as twelve burgers available.  The idea is to show that a burger is not made from only beef, to learn about other cultures and foods consumed, plus have a little fun.  Several meats are for only the most adventurous and daring of eaters. T-shirts commemorating the event will be available for sale and if any customer eats any six exotic burgers in March, they earn a free t-shirt. The t-shirts have the motto, “I never met a meat I wouldn’t eat.”  It’s all in the spirit of fun and adventure.

Bull City Burger is a restaurant and brewery that embodies the farm-to-fork philosophy.  “If it’s on the menu at Bull City Burger and Brewery, we most likely have made it from scratch or bought it locally,” said Seth Gross, owner of Bull City Burger and Brewery.  “We grind NC pasture raised beef daily, make the buns, make the mustard, the mayo, make the bacon, pickle the pickles and stuff our all-beef hotdogs.  No corn syrup, no added hormones, no antibiotics, no hydrogenated fats and, we focus on making the best burgers and hotdogs we can produce.”  Bull City Burger and Brewery works with local farmers to source as much of the produce as possible for the restaurant.

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