Friday, July 5, 2013

This Week at the South Durham Farmers' Market

This Week at the Market...

  • Blackberries, Tomatoes, peaches, eggs, eggplant, peppers, squash, onions and more!

We're Open Tomorrow! 
We've had a lot of folks ask us about whether we're going to be open this weekend.  Our answer is a resounding "YES!"  So, come on out and do some grocery shopping and enjoy the great food, great people, and great weather.

A Fantastic July 4th 
We hope you had as great of a July 4th celebration as we did - in fact, we had such a fantastic time with our family and friends that we're excited to have a couple more free days ahead of us to continue the celebration!
Tomorrow, we're heading out to SDFM to pick up a multitude of summer vegetables, packing our cooler with some vegetarian pan bagnats (veggies and bread from SDFM, of course), and making a beeline for the Festival for the Eno to enjoy a day full of sunshine and local music.

10 minutes to pasta perfection....
On Sunday, we will want to take full advantage of the traditional day of rest, both physically and food-wise.  As such, we'll be enjoying the many varieties of cherry and heirloom tomatoes coming to SDFM this weekend by making our favorite hot weather meal - this super quick and easy Hot Pasta Salad by Deborah Madison.

We like to think our forefathers (especially the gardener, epicurean, and revolutionary Thomas Jefferson) would find this locally-based menu the ultimate July 4th celebration.

SDFM has a new Market Manager! 
We are incredibly excited to introduce SDFM's new Market Manager this weekend - Elizabeth Zander.  Born and raised in rural Connecticut, Elizabeth grew up surrounded by farmland and shopping at local farm stands. She has supported farmers’ markets for over ten years, believing that her food choices reflect a daily commitment to improving environmental and social welfare.

 Elizabeth graduated in 2011 with a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University. While at Duke, she was the Vice President of Farmhand, a group which volunteers at farms, sells local
local products and organizes events to support sustainable agriculture. Elizabeth also managed the Honeypatch, a community garden located in the Duke Gardens. Since graduating, Elizabteth has worked for NC Choices, a nonprofit dedicated to helping local livestock farmers, and as the Green Mission Chairperson for the Chapel Hill Whole Foods. She currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Town of Chapel Hill Sustainability Committee. Elizabeth lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, their two dogs and their cat.

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