Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Durham Bucket List

Update: 7/15/13, 3:28 PM The Bull City Bucket List is live.  Hit the link and enjoy!

When Offline Media opened its Durham office in May, 2012, the goal was pretty simple - identify amazing things to do in the places people live, get out and do those things, get others to do those same things, post about having done them, and give participants real rewards and prizes for having done so. 

Now the Durham company that promotes, and rewards people for experiencing, what amount to crowd-sourced itineraries hopes to tap the collective mind of friends and fans of Durham to build The Bull City Bucket List Contest

"To start with, we just need the people who love Durham to tell us they think are bucket list-worthy experiences, but we want things that are a little off the beaten path...things only a Durham expert would know about," said David Brower, co-founder of Offline. Ideas for the list can be emailed to Offline, and submitted by a post on the Durham's Official Facebook Page. Submissions will be taken until noon on July 10. "We figured what better time to ask everyone than right after a holiday weekend when they were out having amazing experiences. Everyone knows about how awesome American Tobacco Campus is and how beautiful Duke Gardens are, but we're hoping the ideas submitted will go one level deeper," said Brower.

The company is hoping to cull 10 exceptional experiences that really show off Durham's unique feel and personality - this will become The Bull City Bucket List Contest. The suggestions that don't make the list this time around will be saved for future use. "We love that people are engaged, and we value their contributions, so we're absolutely going to save them for additional contests in Durham," Brower said.

Once the list is complete it will go live on Offline's Bull City Bucket List Contest web page. As participants check off Bucket List items on their account they gain points that go toward prizes. "It's true, we reward people for  having fun," Brower said. There are different prize levels based depending on the number of Bucket List Contest items completed.  

Offline's founders realize the power of images in this process, too.  In order to receive points for checking an item off the Bull City Bucket List, participants must tag their pictures on Twitter or Instagram with #BCBucketList.  The best contest photos (as chosen by Offline) will be posted on Offline's Bull City Bucket List Contest page. 

The Bull City Bucket List Contest launches July 17th and runs through September 4th.

Here's how the contest works
1.       Sign up for the Contest at
2.       Complete a Bucket List item
3.       Take a picture of the experience
4.       Upload that picture to Twitter and/or Instagram**
5.       Hashtag the image with #BCBucketList
6.       Win Prizes!

** Users who don’t have Twitter or Instagram accounts can see the contest page for information about how to they can still participate. 

Offline is still a growing company acknowledges Brower. "We're making changes to our website and platform on a daily basis, but the core concept is to get out and do fun and amazing things in great places," he said. "We've chosen Durham as the home for our company, and we couldn't be more excited about the development and production of the Bull City Bucket List.  We're hoping people who love Durham will be as enthusiastic, send us great ideas, and get involved," he added. The company keeps fans a followers up to date on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Learn more about all the fun and interesting ways to enjoy Durham online.

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