Friday, July 19, 2013

This Week at the South Durham Farmers' Market

This Week at the South Durham Farmers' Market
  • 8 AM - Noon at Greenwood Commons, 5410 HWY 55 Durham, NC 27713
  • Melissa Carrol will be bringing some R&B and Soul 
  • August 3rd is Salsa Day at SDFM!  Bring your dancing shoes! 
  • Tomatoes, peaches, eggplant, blueberries, blackberries, eggplant, cucumbers, cheeses, green beans, cabbage and more!
Ice Ice Baby
I wanted to write an article about how shopping at farmers’ markets can make maintaining a healthy diet relatively simple and easy.  And while this is true, it’s just too hot right now to talk about serious things.  Plus, you’re likely reading this on a Friday morning and that means it’s also too early and too close to the weekend to be reminded that we should behave.

Let’s talk about ice cream instead. 
Last year, The Parlour sold me a scoop of beet ice cream alongside my standard salted butter caramel scoop, and it had this fabulous creamy, earthy flavor that I can't forget.  Then there was the time I almost kissed Scott Crawford from Heron’s after tasting his delicate and velvety sweet corn ice cream with wild blackberry sauce (he got a hug instead).  And, lastly, pumpkin ice cream was a childhood standard where I grew up in Ohio.  So much so, I didn't actually realize that everybody didn't eat it until I went to college and learned the truth about how many poor folks were missing out.

The good news for all of us is that ice cream is incredibly easy to make at home - and SDFM is such a convenient way to get the best ingredients for your custom mix.  So, when the weather makes you consider storing yourself in the freezer overnight, do one of those things that makes adulthood truly awesome.  Eat ice cream for dinner.  And try veggie-flavored ice creams like the ones I just happened to mention above.  Because you are a responsible adult and responsible adults eat their veggies.

Frozen Treats for All
Click the image above to see some of our favorite chilly treats featuring SDFM ingredients!

Community Membership Has Its Benefits
When Rhiannon Kincaid had just purchased a house in South Durham and was searching for a way to incorporate her new life into her new neighborhood, she decided to attend one of the first community-organizing meetings for our fledgling market.  Not only did she want to be able to easily buy the best fruits, veggies, and meats the Triangle has to offer, she wanted to have a relationship with the people she was buying them from and feel part of “something bigger.”  So, she signed up to become a SDFM Community Member at her first meeting and decided to volunteer her time to support the market.

On SDFM’s Opening Day Rhiannon showed up early to help set up. She remembers drinking Ninth Street’s coffee and listening to the Dixieland band while so many members of the local neighborhoods came and so many vendors sold out of what they brought.  She liked what she saw.  Throughout that next year she learned a lot about local food and cooking – that fresh spring lettuce is divine, a person can actually eat a pea shoot, sweet potatoes taste best with local pasture-fresh sausage mashed into them, and there are only so many consecutive days that she can eat collards.  But she also gained more than that – she gained the community she was looking for – and when she least expected it.

Last summer, Rhiannon’s great-uncle passed away – and at the memorial service she was surprised when Karen McAdams of McAdams Farm directed her to a seat.  Although Rhiannon and her great-uncle were not close, she learned that he and Karen had been longtime friends and that he used to tell Karen stories featuring Rhiannon’s grandfather. The connections that Rhiannon made at SDFM extend much farther than her weekly menu options, helping her both find her place in her community and bring her comfort during a difficult family time.

SDFM Community Members help ensure that the market continues to grow in the South Durham community by providing feedback on market operations and volunteering their time.  If you're interested in becoming a Community Member, let us know!

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