Friday, June 20, 2014

Black Wall Street's Durham Legacy Highlighted

The quaint and quiet physical nature of Parrish Street in Downtown Durham belies the massive impact the businesses that started there have, and continue to have, today. "Parrish Street, see, isn't just a fledgling innovation district in [the] Bull City," writes Laura Ohnesorge with the Triangle Business Journal. This assessment is perfectly apt.
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The two articles published today, one a blog post about Parrish Street proper, and the other an exhaustive piece on M&F's history, offer both insight and modern context, as well as a window on the past, as relates to these two businesses. Insight like that offered by Ohnesorge makes visiting a place that much more accessible and real because an understanding of the place's importance is so much more at hand.

Learn more about the Durham's extensive Black History online, and about visiting Durham here.

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