Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Annual Crime Comparative Released

As the community's official marketing agency, DCVB is charged with leading the marketing and promotion of Durham as a destination, as well as promoting and defending the community's image and brand.

DCVB co-developed this crime comparative tool with the Durham Police Department many years ago to provide the 19-organization Durham Public Information & Communications Council, as well as other civic, business, university, and neighborhood leaders, better information to assist newcomers and visitors.
The data is not intended as an apology or an excuse, nor does it suggest lessening the intensity law enforcement use to drive the crime rate even lower. The report is intended to put crime reduction efforts in perspective by showing comparisons to 10 other similar Southeast counterparts and 27 other cities nationwide.

The results? Durham's crime is at or below average within a cohort of 10 Southeast and 27 national communities of similar size and makeup. Raleigh is the only city in the cohort that is not of similar size and makeup (it is almost twice the size of some cities in the cohort) but is used because of its close proximity to Durham.

In surveys 65.5% of Durham residents feel safe in the community overall, and more than 85% feel safe in their neighborhood. Durham officials, activists, and residents are very diligent in an effort to further reduce crime in areas where it is a problem. Collective effort has lowered Durham's index crime rate by about 30% over the past 10 years.

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