Monday, August 16, 2010

New Downtown Guide and Walking Tour

Collaborating with other organizations is important anytime, but especially when budgets are tight. But even when everything is running smoothly, collaborations make a lot of sense because two organizations with two different missions will ultimately bring to the table diverse ideas on what their stakeholders want and need. The end result is better.

In this spirit, the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau has partnered with Downtown Durham Inc. to combine DDI’s Downtown Restaurant & Shopping Guide with DCVB’s Downtown Durham Walking Tour and produce the new Downtown Durham Guide and Walking Tour. The Guide includes information about Downtown’s dining, shopping, and entertainment options in an easy-to-access format. It also includes route information for the Downtown portion of the new Bull City Connector, launching Monday, August 16.

The Walking Tour is still included and covers a main route around the Downtown Loop, with additional extensions branching out to the Central Park, Warehouse, Brightleaf, American Tobacco, Government Services, and Golden Belt districts. The Downtown Walking Tour is approximately two miles with an estimated walking time of 65 minutes for the main route. Additional extensions can take two to three hours.

The Guides will make their debut on the Bull City Connector Monday morning. They will also be available at the Official Durham Visitor Information Center, Downtown Durham, Inc., as well as in Downtown businesses, Durham lodging properties, Duke University’s campus, and several other points throughout Durham.

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