Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confirmed - Dillard's BBQ, Durham Stronghold, Closing Friday

The Durham News Service has confirmed in an interview with Wilma Dillard that Friday is the last day of business for Dillard's BBQ.  When asked why, now, after decades of success, the restaurant was closing, she offered only two words, "the economy."

The restaurant opened in 1953 at their current location on Fayetteville Road and has served countless patrons meals of Southern fare in the 58 years the restaurant operated.

Ms. Dillard, a former school teacher, took over managing the restaurant in 1997 after her father's passing.  Samuel Dillard operated the restaurant until that time.

The family plans to restructure, reorganize and watch the economy. 

Dillard is a well-known to be a woman of strong faith and appreciation, two traits that shine through even now as she faces a very challenging turn of events.  "We just want people to know how much we appreciate them - their years and years of support.  We could not have made this far without their good will," she said.  "We provided a service for them and they provided us the opportunity serve them and to be a blessing.  We made friends.  This business has always been about people," she added.

The restaurant is Durham's second oldest BBQ operation bested only Bullock's, which began operations in 1952. 


  1. They were much better than Bullock's IMHO. Sad to see them go!

  2. I remember when Mr. Dillard expanded his business, selling his famous sauce in the grocery store many, many years ago. Maybe the restaurant can rebound later when the economy does. Thanks for serving Durham well.