Friday, March 18, 2011

Image Bank Bursting with Great Photos

In all things, there is beauty...and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Trite perhaps, but nonetheless true. There are many people who find great beauty in Durham, NC. Be it an interest in architechture, diversity, nature, or a host of other things, Durham has something to offer. For so many, enjoyment of these things throughout the day can be challenging. So, now there is a solution.

Photo by Chris Barron 
Download it at: is a website filled with images of Durham that are there for citizens and media to download, and they are completely free*.  So, as Durham's citizenry begins to see the seasons unfold outside, they can do so similarly inside on their computers, as well.

"The Image Bank was developed several years ago as a forward-thinking service to media," said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau who manages the resource. "We are now informing fans of Durham about it because there is an increasing groundswell of support and coverage of Durham.  The images on this site are there for folks to have easy access to a way to enjoy the place they live (or are fond of) in a more immediate manner. Many are using these images as desktops on their computers," he added.

Images in the bank were generated by DCVB as well as photographers in the area who have willingly contributed them for use. Currently there are several hundred images from which to choose. There are thousands more slated for addition in the coming months and years. "We're fortunate to have more content than we can handle at the moment," Poley said.

*Note that these images cannot be used for commercial gain, as stated in the terms of use.

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