Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Official...Google's Going to Kansas

In an official announcement made this morning on their blog, Google reports they have inked a deal with the fine folks in Kansas City, Kansas for their ultra high-speed broadband network.

Nearly 1,100 communities put applications in, Durham being one of them, over a year ago to lure the world's most used search engine company to bring internet speeds 100 times greater than what most in the Durham enjoy to the home...every home.

"I always believed Durham to be a top contender in this race," said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau who led the application committee's community engagement efforts.  "I'm confident that Durham put its best foot forward on the application, and so did every other location.  The competition was stiff." 

So, hats off to Kansas City.  You won.  This time.  Now, wait until we get you on the basketball court.  This will NOT hold back Durham, the place where great things happen, though.  Stay never know what might be coming down the pike.


  1. Meanwhile the NC legislature works to make it illegal for communities to develop their own broadband infrastucture. Hope you like what you have now, because I don't see TWC or charter working to make anything better in the future...

  2. Excellent work on this Sam. It will be fun to watch how this develops in KC and there surely are similar opportunities coming along ... this will be a really competitive area in the next 5-10.

    Innovation has its own speed.