Monday, July 16, 2012

DPAC is Number One

Again, Durham, NC comes out tops on a list, this time in the form of its internationally recognized performing arts center.  DPAC - Durham Performing Arts Center was ranked by the industry publication Pollstar as being the second busiest theater in the world in their 2012 Midyear ranking of Worldwide Ticket Sales Top 100 Theatre Venues. 

That makes DPAC the busiest theater in the US, since the number one spot on the list is a theater in Mexico.  Durham's Carolina Theatre came in at 88th.

DPAC also recently won a top ranking from the consumer travel website, TripAdvisor - the theater now bears the site's Certificate of Excellence.  

This is a nice additional feather in Durham's cap.  Last week, Durham was ranked as the top market in the US for the creative class.

Well known as an open and accepting haven for those in, and those interested in, the arts, Durham is home to more than a dozen theaters which are well supported by the community and those who visit.  Learn more about Durham as a great place to visit by visiting on the web.

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  1. DPAC - loved by audience and artists too. Mary Chapin Carpenter and Crosby, Stills and Nash and Vertigo Dance Company all commented what a wonderful hall it is.