Thursday, July 19, 2012

North Carolina Sound and Visual Symposium to Benefit Hearing Impaired

Durham is an open and welcoming that supports diversity in all walks of life. Audio Rule Sound Design's partnership with the Hearing Loss Association of North Carolina is a shining example of such a sign of solidarity as it pertains to the realm of sound.

Audio Rule Sound Design along with students from Hillside and Kestrel Heights are hosting The North Carolina Sound and Visual Symposium. The event takes place from Friday, July 27- Sunday, July 29, 2012 throughout Downtown Durham, NC. The organizers seek to bring together, discuss and showcase new and interesting techniques and technologies in the sound and visual medium.

The event is also an opportunity to provide students and the average consumer with the chance to speak with and be lectured by pros and experts in the sound and visual industry. The North Carolina Sound and Visual Symposium will be composed of a series of smaller events, including: food, a short film festival, music concerts, a 2K run, seminars, art, and activities for children. Proceeds from the event will be used as a scholarship to a hearing impaired youth through The Hearing Loss Association of North Carolina. HLANC will be in attendance to educate and distribute materials.

Companies large and small are being asked to showcase and exhibit their products. Companies, consumers and press with an interest in audio, video, DSLR video recording, hand-held audio capturing, and making short films with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are encouraged to attend. Also present will be designers, developers, filmmakers, main stage theatre directors, high quality broadcast engineers, video conferencing for business consultants, scene painters, large-scale video projection engineers and lighting design professionals to showcase new technology for film and stage.

The North Carolina Sound and Visual Symposium will explore what it takes for the Do It Yourself video community and businesses to take their productions, films and podcasts to the next level by giving the average consumer the opportunity to be face to face with the experts.“The North Carolina Sound and Visual Symposium is Durham’s answer to TEDtalks” says event organizer Elijah Vick

There are a series of events taking place over the weekend that are sure to attract, not just the techy, but a wide variety of audiences. There are various ticketing options for the event, to review and buy tickets visit the NCSVS website.

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