Friday, July 20, 2012

Where Great Ghosts Happen?

Durham has a lot of history and a lot of historical buildings.  In fact, adaptive reuse architecture is a strong contributor to Durham's sense of place - all those old buildings look great and make for great spaces. If you get into the groovy and mystical, well then, they could also house some displaced "spirits," too.

Durham also has a lot of great food and beverages, another aspect of its sense of place.

Put the two together and there might just be an interesting few hours to spend.  At least, so think the folks at Tobacco Road Tours (TRT), a daily guided tour service business that is introducing its Durham Pub Crawl & Haunted Adventure tour

The whole thing takes about 2.5 hours. People walk the mile long tour, get special treatment at four of downtown Durham's hippest spots for food and drink, and get to hear the inside scoop on paranormal experiences and haunted buildings. Given the food and beverage component of the tour, guests must be 21.

TRT's Brad Kennedy is excited about the tour.  “We're thrilled about this new tour in Durham. With Durham’s amazing history and cultural scene, we have put together a very exciting, history rich, content filled experience and fun."

Paranormal and para psychological phenomena are nothing new to Durham; Duke University started studying the subject in 1930 and from that emerged the Rhine Research Center in 1965 in Durham.

Durham has always been an open and accepting place...perhaps, even, to those we can't quite see, hear, or chat with.

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