Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lets. Go. Bulls.

Even the unitiated sports fan has to love the Durham Bulls.  Let's face it, aside from having a world-class stadium in an awesome downtown setting in which they play world-class baseball, they are also the subject of the number one sports movie of all time.

And now they are in the play offs.  Again. 

The league champion will be crowned in Durham this weekend - what day depends on who wins each game.  Read that another way and it says "GO ROOT FOR THE BULLS TOMORROW" but the Durham News Service is not a place for yelling.  Sure, 'Bama and the Crimson Tide is coming to Duke for some football, and frankly that's all the more reason to head on out the The Durham Bulls Athletic Park and let the Bulls know that the hometown fans are behind them 100%.

Besides, how sweet would it be to have a (nother) championship in the place where great things happen?

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