Monday, September 13, 2010

Number One...Again!

Durham has landed in first place yet again. In the recently released ranking by Money Magazine, Durham is the best place in the country to retire. Yes, that's number one. For Durham residents and university students, that Durham is a great place to live is hardly news.

It probably comes as no surprise that more Durham visitors are age 55 and up than any other age category of visitors. This is one of the key target groups DCVB actively markets to for visitation. 

Email marketing campaigns, advertising, story-generation in earned media and other marketing initiatives designed to highlight Durham's quality of life to those in or near retirement are currently underway.

This ranking is just one more egg to drop in the basket of reasons Durham is a great place to live, work, and retire. Citing quality of life, affordability, educational opportunities, and medical care, the article is brief but provides a nice compact window on a place where great things happen. It's nice to know that millions more can see that now.

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