Friday, September 24, 2010

Visitors Guide Advertising Still Available, Great New Options Also Offered

With the absolute profusion of online advertising opportunities available to businesses these days, good old-fashioned print advertising seems to have taken a back seat in the minds of some businesses as an effective means to get messages into the hands of interested potential customers.  Truth be told, both are critical in successful marketing.

The Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) offers numerous opportunities for local businesses and organizations to put messages in front of some of the 6 million plus visitors to Durham each year. One of the most visible and recognized publications is the Official Durham Visitors Guide. There are 150,000 copies printed and distributed each year.  The guide is also reproduced online with links to sponsors websites...providing a double bang for the buck. Additionally, DCVB offers online opportunities on its various web platforms and sites.

"DCVB has not only expanded its inventory of online space to reach highly-targeted visitors and newcomers, it has also developed several new offerings in traditional outlets, as well," said Shelly Green, President and CEO. "DCVB provides an effective means for local businesses to connect with visitors needing goods and services," she added. 

Industry professionals agree that great marketing requires multiple theaters of operation. "We tend to think first about online and social media, but then add to it whatever else makes the most sense...and usually that means print and/or broadcast," according to Don Pausback, principal of Pausback Advertising in Durham.  Pausback Advertising has recommended to several of its clients inclusion in the Official Durham Visitors Guide as part of an overall strategy of reaching the lucrative visitor market. 

Not advertising to save money is akin to stopping a clock to save time as the old saying goes.  Well-targeted advertising is--and always will be--an excellent move.  Electronic, print or otherwise, a well-produced advertisement in front of the proper audience in the right medium is almost always going to be effective.

Opportunities still exist for the upcoming 2011 edition of the guide, the most informative guide with the largest distribution of any other visitor publication produced in Durham.  Others guides are profit-making vehicles for outside publishers and are not sanctioned by DCVB..  Click here for additional information.

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