Friday, September 17, 2010

Media Coverage Doesn't Just Happen

As Durham's official marketing agency, the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau does a lot of work behind the scenes that many never see.  In it's 21st year of operation, the work of the organization directly affects the local economy by getting potential visitors to consider Durham as a destination for a leisure visit, meeting or convention, sporting event or film location.  It uses all manners of outreach to promote Durham.

One specific, and very effective method utilized, is media relations, whereby DCVB pitches stories about Durham to media outlets.  One such pitch was made in March, and the resulting article in Cooking Light, largely about Durham, is the result. 

Once a pitch is made the direction of the story might fall out of the Bureau's hands, but DCVB helps with everything from identifying potential interviewees, providing photography and fact-checking stories upon completion.  Having a strong command and inventory of the destination, brand, community image and unique sense of place is how DCVB ensures that stories about Durham get consideration in national and global publications.

Great publicity doesn't happen by accident, it comes from somewhere.  This time, it came from the official marketing agency of the place where great things happen.

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  1. I think this is great. We can't say enough about Durham. What a wonderful place to be.