Monday, April 18, 2011

Psst...Dillard's is Still Open! Sort of.

So, it turns out a good family can't be kept down for long in Durham.  The fine folks at Dillard's BBQ are at it again, just a few weeks after they closed their iconic restaurant on Fayetteville Street for daily service operations.

The restaurant is now available to rent for private events, parties and meetings.  Of course, they'll serve up their famous 'cue and such when it comes time to eat, too, fear not.  "We own the building and we're not leasing it to anyone...and we really wanted to continue to have a presence in the community," said owner Wilma Dillard.  The restaurant was Durham's second oldest when it closed last month.

Dillard expressed her legendary fondness for the community at the time of the closing, citing a preference to shut the doors rather than raise prices essentially denying access to some long-standing patrons with limited budgets.

Dillard is handling all the arrangements for clients who are encouraged to use the existing phone number for the restaurant.  The website will be updated soon with more detailed information on this new development..

The move should be welcomed news to many who were loyal fans.  Especially those harboring the question of whether or not they will ever taste Dillard's BBQ again?  The answer is yes.  They can even order BBQ to go...they just need to order it seven days in advance starting on May 21st.

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