Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scvngr is LIVE!!

Nope, that's not a typo up there in the's correct. Scvngr is a social gaming application for smart phones that is free to download and play. It is being used by destination marketing organizations to provide itineraries of things to do along with some fun ways to interact at those places. Think of things like looking for clues or facts, taking a picture of something, or even meeting a person at the location, and you'll be on target for what this application is all about.

"We're really excited about the ways that this new tool can enhance the visitors' experience," said Sam Poley, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau. "This gives us a great entree into the smart phone app arena that really provides great user service - the itineraries are going to be fun, informative, and engaging."

Poley further indicated that when the DCVB publishes its contributions to the application, a privilege for which the organization pays, the treks, as Scvngr calls them, will be fairly broad based and overview in nature. Future offerings will be more targeted to season, events, and even have the possibility to have some hyper-focused opportunities for conventions and meetings. He noted that use of the service for professional visitor meetings is on the rise.

There will ultimately be a way for local businesses to sponsor parts of this application, but Poley indicates that the offerings won't be ready until late summer. Local businesses will be alerted when opportunities come available.


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