Friday, May 20, 2011

Downtown Durham Dog Park Emblematic of Emotionally Connected City

This week, The Infrastructurist cited Durham as a model for the ‘Emotionally Connected’ city. The article, largely based around findings from the Gallup Soul of the Community survey from 2008 to 2010, points to a link between passion for and loyalty to places, and the health of the local economy.

The article indicates Marry Durham as the example of an emotionally committed community. Engaged citizens gathered to make a formal commitment to make sacrifices, do more, forgive shortcomings and fight to create a community Durhamites desire. 

In the wake of Marry Durham, a neighborhood has joined forces to make use of a sloping, city-owned lot at the corner of Roxboro and Elliot that had been vacant for years. The Downtown Durham Dog Park was born out of a temporary arrangement between the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood and the city by which the city allowed use of the land and put up a fence while the neighborhood association is responsible for other amenities and maintenance.

With the help of Keep Durham Beautiful and a neighborhood-wide clean up effort, the Downtown Durham Dog Park is now open to the public. Remember that before visiting the park, owners will need to obtain a tag for their dog, issued by the City. Contact Durham Parks and Rec for more information.

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