Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carve Durham...Really.

It's well-known that folks in Durham, NC like to have fun - there's even a community Zombie Lurch for goodness' sake. So then the new pumpkin carving contest being sponsored by the proposed Museum of Durham History (MODH) makes total sense.

The MODH is committed to preserving Durham’s unique legacy by creating a permanent home for inspiring stories and lively exhibits defining the community’s past.  To forward that effort they are hosting a competition for the most artfully carved pumpkin of famous or not-so-famous Durham landmarks, icons or images from Durham’s history, past or present...because folks in Durham like to have fun.

Known as Carve Durham, this Halloween-inspired contest will run October 15-27, 2011 on the Museum’s Facebook page.  To participate and/or vote for pumpkin designs, post photos of Durham-themed pumpkins to their Facebook page and click “like” next to an entry to vote.

The winning pumpkin artist will be awarded a home-made pumpkin pie from Emma’s Desserts of Durham and all Carve Durham pumpkin artists are invited to display their handiwork at the Museum’s Durham Farmers’ Market booth on Saturday, October 29 from 8am-12pm. May the best pumpkins win! 

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