Monday, October 10, 2011

SoJam Sounds So Good

November is starting to sound better.  It's always in tune, but now it's got real harmony.

Confused?  Don't be - November 11 though 13 is when the SoJam A Cappella Festival takes place.  Hosted by Duke University Rhythm and Blue, the weekend's shows will be held at the newly renovated Carolina Theatre and the workshops will be held on campus at Duke. For those who love the sound of harmonizing voices presented with style, class and energy, this show is a must see.

Now making its home in Durham every year, the festival is a combination of development opportunities for performers as well as exceptional access to top level performances of this skill-intensive art form.

Workshops cover the spectrum from creativity to management with some masterclasses providing one-on-one instruction.

Tickets are available online.  Friday's performances are by collegiate talent and that show also serves as a competition.  Saturday's performance is by all professional talent.

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