Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Urban Hike for the Future of Transit

As the populations of the Triangle's thriving communities continue to grow, so to has the demand for alternative transportation choices. Walkability (Durham ranks high as a very walkable city) and ease of getting around are important to visitors and residents alike. For metropolitan areas like Portland, OR and Washington, DC, transportation systems are among their greatest assets. Fortunately for the future of alternative transportation in the Triangle, Durham County planners have already done what they do best, plan. The result? The Durham Transit Referendum.

The Durham Transit Referendum, which will be included in the upcoming elections on November 8th, calls for an increase in bus service, a light rail build out and the construction of a commuter rail between Raleigh and Durham. 
To raise awareness for the Durham Transit Referendum, the Sierra Club is leading an urban hike along the proposed light rail track on Saturday, October 15. 

The Sierra Club would like to invite residents of Durham County to participate in an urban hike. Local historian John Schelp, will also talk about the history of Durham's trolley service and how neighborhoods have evolved over the years.
Along the way hikers will learn about the referendum and transit plan.

What: From home to rail stop. The future of transit: An urban walk
Where: Durham. The corner of 9th and Green St. (Parking along the streets)
When: Saturday, October 15th from 9:00am to 11:00am

Interested hikers are asked to RSVP here or on Facebook.

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