Friday, October 14, 2011

Wide-Eyed and Learning

There's a moment  - a really special one - when a kid learns something.  It's usually obvious because their eyes go saucer big in wonder.  It's a moment worth savoring.

Durham is home to a plethora of places to learn, and one in particular probably gets more than its fair share of the aforementioned moments.  It's probably no small coincidence that it's called the Schoolhouse of Wonder.

The school calls itself "a consortium of lifelong learners," and maintains a focus on nature as a subject, backdrop for learning and a source for capturing the moments when learning is most exciting.  The school also runs camps throughout the year based on a variety of school schedules and has other programs that might be of interest to those homeschooling their children.  Programs are targeted by age group and kids aged 5 through 12 are best suited.

The school is run at the West Point on the Eno city park and is funded in part by fees and in part by community support.  Like many other non-profit organizations, the school has been hit hard by the economy.  They are hosting a fund raiser on Sunday, October 23.  Details are here.

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