Friday, February 25, 2011

Donation Based Yoga in Durham

Durham is internationally known as a hot bed of innovation and for its population of open, welcoming, and accepting folks...many of whom have a robust entrepreneurial spirit. One new local business has taken these ideals to new levels with an approach that embodies many of Durham's brand values.

Nataraja Healing Arts has launched what it calls "Donation Based Yoga" at its new studio in Durham. The model is simple: pay what is affordable - there is no set price or suggested donation. "With yoga classes constantly getting more expensive, we felt the tradition of Yoga was getting lost and becoming only attainable to those who could afford it," said Dan Streib, one of the founders of Nataraja.

The studio also offers various type of massage, which are on a sliding cost scale. "After many years in the service industry and never feeling like the health care cared for us, my wife and I felt that the best way we could care for our community was to offer a health care via offering massage at a discounted rate," Streib added.

Nataraja opened at 731 Broad Street in March 2010 and started donation based yoga in January of this year. Durham is home to several more yoga studios offering a variety of yoga styles and associated services.  See them here

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